Borrow a Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Plaistow Public Library has a Wi-Fi Hotspot for loan to library card holders.  Take the internet with you wherever you go!

The Wi-Fi Hotspot is about the size of a deck of cards and can link up to 15 devices to the internet at the same time. The Wi-Fi Hotspot is portable and simple to use.

The Hotspot connects to T-Mobile’s cellular network, and by connecting your phone, tablet, or other wireless-enabled device to it, you can get online anywhere in T-Mobile’s coverage area – at home, in the car, or at the park.

Note that the device provides only 50 MB of data outside of T-Mobile's coverage area. Please check T-Mobile's map first to confirm the hotspot will meet your needs.

In order to borrow the Hotspot, stop by the Plaistow Public Library with your library card.

  • The Hotspot may be borrowed only by Plaistow Library cardholders in good standing (no fines or billed items, and up-to-date contact information).
  • The Hotspot may be borrowed for a 1-week period. It may be renewed twice, but ONLY if no other patron is waiting for it.
  • The Hotspot works in Canada and Mexico, but the borrower is responsible for all additional costs.
  • The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to the Hotspot. Replacement costs of up to $126 will be charged if the Hotspot or its components are returned with damage that renders it inoperable, or if they are not returned within 7 days of the due date.

Thank you to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring our Hotspot!


eReader Information

The Library currently owns five different eReaders, each holding a variety of books. Our eReaders can be checked out for three weeks at a time. Click on the following links to reserve one of our eReaders:

Kindle Paperwhite (2)- holds a collection of popular fiction books and books by local authors. Also includes the complete Jane Austen collection.
Kobo- holds a collection of classic literature-- over twenty books!
Nook- Holds a few picture books and adult novels. Also includes crossword and Sudoku puzzles and chess games for light entertainment.
Kindle- holds a collection of popular fiction books and books by local authors. Also includes the complete Jane Austen collection.

If you own an eReader and would like help with downloading materials from New Hampshire's online library, contact us for a TechHelp appointment.



The Library currently owns 13 Launchpads available to Plaistow Public Library cardholders for checkout. Launchpads are sturdy, internet-free tablets pre-loaded with educational content and games covering a variety of subjects for specific age groups (e.g., early literacy for 3-5 year olds, science for 5-7 year olds). Launchpads can be checked out for a period of 2 weeks.