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It's the end of National Poetry month! Don't miss this amazing one man show as Stephen Collins enacts the life of the great American poet, Walt Whitman.  Click here to learn more.


The Plaistow Public Library has a Wi-Fi Hotspot for loan to library card holders.  Take the internet with you wherever you go with a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot is about the size of a deck of cards and can link up to 15 devices to the internet at the same time. The Wi-Fi Hotspot is portable and simple to use.

The Hotspot connects to T-Mobile’s cellular network, and by connecting your phone, tablet, or other wireless-enabled device to it, you can get online anywhere in T-Mobile’s coverage area – at home, in the car, or at the park.

In order to borrow the Hotspot, stop by the Plaistow Public Library with your library card.
  • The Hotspot may be borrowed only by Plaistow Library cardholders in good standing (no fines or billed items, and up-to-date contact information).
  • The Hotspot may be borrowed for a 1-week period. It may be renewed twice, but ONLY if no other patron is waiting for it.
  • The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to the Hotspot. Replacement costs of up to $126 will be charged if the Hotspot or its components are returned with damage that renders it inoperable, or if they are not returned within 7 days of the due date.
Thank you to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring our Hotspot!

WANTED: Programming & Publicity Coordinator

Help Build Our Community

We're losing our wonderful Programming & Publicity Coordinator, Brianna Sullivan. Our loss could be your gain -- and eventually our gain, too!

For further details and a full job description, please visit our
Work With Us page.

Where are the Tax Forms?

The IRS will be sending out both fewer forms and fewer types of forms than in years past.

We now have forms 1040, 1040EZ, and 1040A.
We now have instruction booklets for 1040, 1040EZ, and 1040A.

We have Earned Income Credit forms.

Need help preparing your taxes? AARP offers tax prep services at the Vic Geary Center. Contact Joyce to schedule an appointment: 603-382-9276

We will put out tax forms as we get them -- Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ only this year, along with their respective Instruction pamphlets. We will also have copies of Schedules A, B, C and EIC (Earned Income Credit), and a binder of reproducibles for almost all IRS forms and instructions.

In the meantime, you can get forms and instructions directly from the IRS:

410 Amherst St.
Nashua, NH 03063
(603) 594-8370
Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
(closed for lunch 1 – 2 pm)

80 Daniel St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 430-9598
Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
(closed for lunch 1 – 2 pm)

If you're searching for a paid tax professional for tax assistance, you can use the IRS Choosing a Tax Professional lookup tool. Or if you need free help you can review the Free Tax Return Preparation Programs web page.

For information about programs you can use to file your federal taxes for free, visit the IRS Free File website, which offers 12 brand-name products for free.

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NEW Museum Pass Policy

Patrons from Plaistow can now check out museum passes from our coop friends at the Atkinson and Sandown libraries. Plaistow patrons may pick up passes in person the day before use in the last hour before the library in question closes.

Patrons may not reserve or pick up museum passes from these libraries earlier than the time listed above.

For more information about the museum passes available at the Kimball and Sandown libraries, please visit the following websites:

Kimball Library (Atkinson) museum passes

Sandown Public Library museum passes

Library Now Offering Notary Services

Raven Gregg, our cataloging librarian, is now a commissioned Notary Public, offering free notary services on a limited basis.

Please call (382-6011) prior to your visit to confirm that she will be available.
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